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Two decades of storage facilities and pipeline systems construction in Oil and Gas Sector. The company develops, manages and executes projects for the receiving, storage, loading as well as transmission and distribution of oil and gas petroleum products.



We have carried out Electrical and Control and Instrumentation, in Petroleum Depots, Oil Installation, Bitumen Plants, Engine Oil Blending Factories and in the Manufacturing Sector across West Africa.



Pebez has Delivered numerous Civil Projects from Road Construction, Office Complexes, and General Civil Works. Our experienced engineering team is capable of performing basic to specialize engineering for all Civil Engineering Projects.

CONSTRUCTION of tank farm and Depots across west africa!

The Construction industry has entered a new era involving fundamental changes in the way Infrastructures are planned, deployed and operated. The main driving forces are to reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve performance. Achieving these goals constitutes a major challenge to existing systems as it results in special types of problems requiring innovative and sophisticated solutions. At Pebez We provide engineering consulting services to assist customers in understanding their system needs and identify the right solutions to solve system problems, increase efficiency and improve system performance.

Design Package
We provide comprehensive project support including:
Engineering Design Assistance
Manufacturing Flexibility
Unparalleled Field Service
Sustainable Building
Our Engineering Process is to Design, Build, Install, Startup & Support. Close communications with the customer are maintained throughout the design and development phase to discuss project status updates.
Project Delivery
We are one of the most respected Engineering and Construction Services provider across West Africa. Our team of experience Engineers have a combine experience of over 3 decades, in more than 12 countries.
Project Management
For each project, Engineers create studies and analyze various what-if scenarios to examine a problem and find the best solution.
Building Renovation
We deliver projects on or before the stipulated time at the most competitive price without compromising quality. Our work across Africa speaks for us.
We have a team of Engineers and Projects Managers with a combined experience spanning over 60 years, who have delivered the most challenging Projects.
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Our prowess and aptitude are only equaled by our speed and power. We believe no task is too large and no dream to ambitious.
Design Package
Sustainable Building
Project Management
Project Delivery

our mission


At Pebez Group we pride ourselves on what we do, and we are true to our Mission

To train professionals in line with consistence value, timely and qualitative delivery of projects and cost effectiveness of all projects.
To build a modern Electrical, Project development and Management, and Energy company that puts its communities first.
To build and increase affordability and easy deployment of key Technologies, quality and innovative Engineering system delivery company across Nigeria.
Our Projects
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our work
Plan / Project

We have helped Clients eliminate waste by helping them plan and mobilise the right resources require for their project success.


We have Designed world class projects for Clients across Africa, without compromising on project quality.


With more than 20 Petroleum Depots built in the last 10 years, ours works speak volume.

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Our culture

ebez Group is committed to high standards of health and safety and it’s key objectives are, so far as is reasonably practicable, to prevent all accidents and injuries, to conserve the environment and avoid damage to property.  We provide and maintain equipment, machinery and system of working which is safe and without risk to health. We ensure there is no risk to health and safety of all persons including those not in our employment when handling, storing or transporting any article or substance.

We provide information, instruction, training and supervision as is necessary to ensure the health and safety while at work, of all our employees. We provide and maintain safe premises and means of access to and from any place of work under our control. We provide a working environment without risk to health and safety.


ebez Group is passionate about providing long-term employment opportunities within the communities in which we work. We understand that education and training are fundamental in addressing issues of aspiration and attainment, thereby creating opportunity for a dynamic, successful and modern local economy. We employ local labour and we recognise the importance of recruiting local people and how this can stimulate economic regeneration within the community through wealth circulation.

We are committed to the sustainable future of the industry and offer training and development opportunities in a wide range of electrical skills. Over the years we have consistently demonstrated commitment to young people by striving to provide sustainable employment and skills development opportunities in the community.


ebez prides itself on developing a good working relationship with its client’s, assisting (in many instances) in an input at the design stage of projects. This in turn often results in a better installation and Construction with major savings to the client’s budget, enabling savings to be spent elsewhere. Customer satisfaction is seen as the backbone of success. Apart from safety, the interpretation of clients’ requirements and their subsequent implementation remains the single most important factor in the day-to-day running of Pebez.

We are also mindful of the fact that a growing numbers of our ideal customers will also express their desire to be more earth- friendly through the use of green, low cost of running and energy efficient products, and this align with our vision as well. We aim to be seen as the obvious choice for upscale companies that can build any product with the lowest cost.


♦ To create widely based Nigerian organizations, embracing persons of different professions and ethnic groups.

♦ To have a healthy, successful company that is a leader in customer service and has a loyal customer following.

♦ To Expand options for profitability and customer satisfaction in the Engineering and Energy industry

♦ To Build multiple revenue streams around the organization.

♦ To Grow support service offerings to meet customer demand.

♦ To Leverage efficiencies in the organization, increase project-based support and recurring services.

♦ To Capitalize on growing business opportunities for advanced the deployment of services across the country