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our services

As a premier Construction Company in West Africa, Our Services rival that of our contemporaries across the Globe. For over a decade, we have delivered some of the most challenging Projects across all Industries, in Nigeria and West Africa.

Two decades of storage facilities and pipeline systems construction in Oil and Gas Sector. The company develops, manages and executes projects for the receiving, storage, loading as well as transmission and distribution of oil and gas petroleum products.


We have carried out Electrical and Control and Instrumentation, in Petroleum Depots, Oil Installation, Bitumen Plants, Engine Oil Blending Factories and in the Manufacturing Sector across West Africa.


Pebez has Delivered numerous Civil Projects from Road Construction, Office Complexes, and General Civil Works. Our experienced engineering team is capable of performing basic to specialize engineering for all Civil Engineering Projects.

Pebez Industrial Services Limited. Specializes in the provision of services of engineers and technical personnel capable of undertaking detailed design, engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning in the execution of projects.

  • Project Conceptual, Technical and Economic Feasibility Studies
  • Project Management, Detailed Engineering Design and Drafting, Procurement, Construction, Field Inspection, Commissioning and setup (EPCM and EPC); Development and Implementation of programs and systems for the management of Safety, Quality, Cost and Schedule.

Our philosophy is simple; regardless of what the end product may be we continuously strive to provide our customers with quality products and top-class services at a competitive price.  To achieve this, we focus on two key ingredients. The first is our commitment to our workforce. As in the past, we see the continued development of a highly skilled and motivated workforce as being of paramount importance to our success in the years ahead. Our philosophy will be one of continuing to invest in the people who make us what we are, developing strong career opportunities for them and allowing new generations of personnel to come through and lead our organisation to increasing levels of success. The second ingredient is our continuing commitment to technology reinvestment throughout the company – whether it is our investment in people or acquiring new technologies to better serve our customers, the commitment to improved technology will ensure that we continue to provide the highest quality products to our customers in the most efficient way possible. The task of keeping pace with the ever-increasing tide of change and technological development is one that we are looking forward to with a great sense of optimism. We are proud of our past and are preparing ourselves to meet the challenges of the future with confidence. 

  • Fire Detection and Protection Systems
  • Vapour Recovery Systems
  • Aboveground And Underground Storage Facilities (Storage Tanks, Silos etc.)
  • Pipelines and Pipelines Ancillary Systems
  • Loading Facilities
  • Structural Erections and Constructions Warehouses, Loading Bays, etc.
  • Heating.
  • Ventilation.
  • Air conditioning.
  • Hot and cold pipework systems.
  • Gas services.
  • Plant Movement
  • CAD Design Drawings
  • Fuel Tank Fabrication & Installation
  • Fuel Pipe Work Fabrication
  • Steel Frame Manufacturing
  • Mains distribution.
  • Power and lighting.
  • Fire alarms.
  • Security and access systems.
  • CCTV.
  • BMS (Building Management Systems).
  • Data cabling.
  • Site temps.
  • Instrumentation Capabilities
  • HV Installations
  • LV Installations
  • Generator installations
  • Cable containment systems
  • Lighting & small power
  • IT & data cable installations
  • Testing
  • House And Office Building
  • Foundations
  • Bund wall Construction
  • Road Construction
  • Drainage and Sewage Systems
  • Escalators and lifts.
  • Building control systems.
  • Environmental Assessment
  • water supply
  • Road design
  • structural engineering

Things we can do for you

  • Pebez Group is an independent company with extensive experience of providing strategic, economic and engineering consultancy services in Oil and Gas, Construction and Energy markets across Nigeria, by combining in-depth engineering knowledge of Engineering supply chain with business and regulatory expertise, Pebez Group is ideally positioned to provide clients with analysis and advice.  
  • Our consultancy approach is designed to meet the needs of the mostly Oil and Gas Sector and Manufacturing.  We provide an extensive range of technical and commercial consultancy services in this area, and has experience of working with developers of products across the globe. 
  • We service all aspects of client requirements including ad-hoc labour requests; long term supply agreements and bulk spend projects. From initial project management consultancy through to the implementation of new Installation, ongoing maintenance and inspection work, our dedicated team of specialists work closely with clients to provide safe, cost-effective project management. 

Research is an important step in the our Engineering Design Process. We constantly make consultation, thus increasing awareness of Technology change and Industry policy.

Making improvements to develop a better solution is part of our EngineeringPractice, Designing Solutions.  We always make sure each possible solution meets your design requirements.

Our Team constantly test our systems for durability and performance once projects are completed. This is done by our team of QC and QA.

We are good at identifying projects constrains and eliminating them. We have a catalog of experience spanning 20 years dealing with local communities.

Our design process involves multiple iterations and redesigns of your final solution. This is done to come up with the best solutions for our client.

To complete our project, we communicate our results to clients in a final report. We make sure proper documentations are done for future references.